Our Business

Our vast experience and technical expertise have already been tested and proven as the leading Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) in Indonesia is supported by modern technology Turbo Venturi Molecule Crusher (TVMC), and the excellent competence of Research & Development (R&D) become the key to Indonesian people’s trust towards our products.With ISO certification published by SAE Global and the confidence of the production process quality, we have also obtained SNI certification in 2016. All these achievements make us more confident to expand our market target to include non-automotive industrial products.


MPM Lubricants is able to transform into the producer of excellent lubricant in Indonesia. Quality is the key to the trust and success. Therefore, we always hold up our commitment to continue our innovation in creating and developing products which are suitable for consumers needs.

MPM Lubricants always give high value and superior products that can enhance vehicle performance and daily riding comfort, supported by integrated production process, sophisticated technology application and also Research & Development (R&D) reliability. The products go through internationally standardized blending and packaging process to later be strictly examined in the field.

Our Product

MPM Lubricants is committed to produce high quality lubricant according to consumers’ needs. The long process that we do is to produce world class lubricants with the Federal Oil Brand for all types of motorcycles, as well as lubricants specialized for racing. We also develop and produce lubricants for four-wheel vehicles with the Federal Mobil Brand. The entire process that starts from concept development, R&D, and production is the work of our own nation. We are proud to present high quality products made in Indonesia.

Federal Oil is lubricant for motorcycles either manual or automatic. A number of independent surveys show Federal Oil as the most trusted lubricant and has been widely used by motorcyclists in Indonesia. Federal Oil comes in various variants whose quality has been tested and proven, such as Ultratec, Supreme XX 30 and Supreme XX 50 for manual motorcycles lubricants. Federal Matic is for automatic motorcycles lubricants, also Federal Racing and Super Federal Racing for sport bike and racing bike.


In 2015, MPM Lubricants launched four-wheel lubricant product with Federal Mobil Brand. This was the latest innovation from MPM Lubricants to meet the needs of consumers of four-wheel vehicles in Indonesia. Development and examinations are done fully by our own resources intensively for more than a year, before finally launched commercially in April 2015. Four product variants of Federal Mobil are Federal Mobil Rextron 0W-20, Federal Mobil Rextron 5W-30, and Federal Mobil Rextron 10W-40 for gasoline fueled cars. Meanwhile for diesel cars, we have Federal Mobil Deltron 15W-40.


Brand Equity

MPM Lubricants’ success in obtaining consumers’ trust enables Federal Oil to dominate more than 20 percents of market share in motorcycle segment. This accomplishment is recognized and appreciated by independent marketing survey institute with various awards, such as TOP Brand Award, Superbrands Award, Best Brand Award, WOW Brand Award, Product Quality Award and brand appreciation in digital world which is Social Media Award.

Production Network


We are committed to always put our products close to consumers. Therefore, we always try to distribute products that reach all regions in Indonesia. Our distribution network spreads from Sabang to Merauke through 44 main distributors, supported by more than 3.000 Super/Federal Oil Center (S/FOC) and 24 Federal Mobil Super Store (FMSS), and also 15.000 active outlets in Indonesia.

Federal Oil Networks - Federal Mobil Networks

Our Resources

MPM Lubricants which have been existed for 30 years in Indonesia as the market leader with its tested and proven products, is surely achieved with the support of competent human resources. Human resources development in MPM Lubricants is empha-sized on character building based on modesty and courteous. In MPM Lubricants we inspire more on super-team rather than superman. Active collaboration can improve whenever each individual is dedicated to their work and also progressively forward thinking for the sake of the company. That is our core value. With that foundation we develop human resources to grow and improve in order to be highly effective and highly potential to compete in this competitive market.

The development of this resource performance has been proven with a number of awards obtained by MPM Lubricants from a number of human resource research institute such as HR Asia Best Companies to Work For in Asia 2017, Stellar Workplace 2017 in the category Stellar Workplace Recognition in Employee Commitment, Stellar Workplace Recognition in Employee Satisfaction, Best Stellar Workplace for Small Size Employer also Indonesia Best Companies in Creating Leaders From Within 2017.